I’m a PhD student in philosophy at the University of Arizona. My research focuses on issues at the intersection of feminist political philosophy, social metaphysics, and philosophy of law.

My dissertation examines the challenges that transgender equality poses to our conception of gender equality, and in so doing, motivates and develops a trans feminist alternative. To account for transgender equality in a way that speaks to trans people’s lived genders and gender realities on trans people’s own terms, I argue that feminist theory needs to take seriously both the gender (the social metaphysics) and the equality (the political philosophy) of gender equality, not just one or the other.

I’m apparently also on Twitter and the other website, for some reason.

A note on my last name

I do not use my legal last name for family-related reasons. “Ding” can function as both a first name and a last name.

And a note on pronouns

I go by they/them and she/her.